Our Story

At Rollover, we love Hot Dogs, I mean really love Hot Dogs. We live and breathe Hot Dogs.

We know life can be serious but food doesn’t have to be. Food should make you smile. We believe that food that is good for the soul is just as important as superfoods. Hot Dogs aren’t serious, it’s not kale and it’s not quinoa but they are fun and hopefully they remind you of fun times spent with friends or watching a great movie.

Since Rollover came to life in 1991 we’ve taken Hot Dogs across the UK from Stadia to Theme Parks to Cinemas to Universities to Convenience stores and many more besides. We’ve improved and extended our range, we’ve developed new equipment to help our customers and we won’t stop improving. We now even have a vegan Hot Dog and are soon to launch a Chicken Dog.

If you need anything please ask us. We’d love to show you just how passionate we are!