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Let’s get rolling in dough!
  1. Breakfast Muffin
    Breakfast Muffin
    Case 120

    An artisanal English Muffin to serve our Breakfast Patty and Cheese. Arrives pre-sliced.

  2. 6’’ Semolina Sub Roll
    6’’ Semolina Sub Roll
    Case 70

    The semolina gives the roll a golden hue and a slightly sweet taste. It is side sliced. Fantastic pairing with our range of sausages. 

  3. Fully Baked Presliced Baguette
    Fully Baked Presliced Baguette
    Case 40

    Traditional French baguette. Fully baked and pre-sliced for ease of service. Simply thaw and it is ready to serve!

  4. 7'' Pretzel Roll
    7'' Pretzel Roll
    Case 70

    A German inspired pretzel roll (unsliced). A premium choice to accompany any hotdog.

  5. 6'' Brioche Top Sliced Roll
    6'' Brioche Top Sliced Roll
    Case of 60

    A rich, buttery brioche roll. A great accompaniment to any hotdog.

  6. 5'' Break-Off Burger Bun
    5'' Break-Off Burger Bun
    Case 30

    An artisanal, hand finished burger bun. Arrives pre-sliced.