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Welcome to hotdog central
  1. Original 90g Sausage
    Original 90g Sausage
    Case 80

    Everyone loves the classics.

    Our most popular German bockwurst sausage, deliciously smoked over beechwood. Just what you’d expect from a premium hotdog.

  2. Chilli Cheese 90g Sausage
    Chilli Cheese 90g Sausage
    Case 80

    Putting the hot in hotdog.

    With Gouda cheese and flakes of chilli, this sausage is one we really love and we’re sure your customers will too.

  3. Wall's Breakfast 95g Sausage
    Wall's Breakfast 95g Sausage
    Case 60

    Great sausage. Great start.

    A herby and well-seasoned Lincolnshire sausage. Perfect for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or anytime for that matter!

  4. Chicken 90g Sausage
    Chicken 90g Sausage
    Case 80

    Count your chickens, chickens, chickens,…

    A 100% Chicken meat sausage, deliciously smoked over beechwood. Non suitable for halal.

  5. Veggie Vegan 84g Sausage
    Veggie Vegan 84g Sausage
    Case 108

    Just plants, no porkies!                                  

    A great tasting vegetarian hotdog made with soy protein that vegans can enjoy too!

  6. Reduced Salt 50g Sausage
    Reduced Salt 50g Sausage
    Case 200

    Good things come in small packages.

    A traditional German bockwurst sausage, smoked over beechwood. The perfect size for kids, with reduced salt. 

  7. Reduced Salt 140g Sausage
    Reduced Salt 140g Sausage
    Case 104

    The original, just more of it.

    Our largest hotdog. This reduced salt hotdog is a foot long – perfect for big eaters!

  8. Halal 90g Sausage
    Halal 90g Sausage
    Case 80

    Hello Halal sausage!

    Pure chicken beechwood-smoked bockwurst made using traditional German techniques. High in protein and big on taste.

  9. Halal 140g Sausage
    Halal 140g Sausage
    Case 70

    Hello bigger Halal sausage!

    Pure chicken beechwood-smoked bockwurst made using traditional German techniques. High in protein and big on taste.

  10. Krakauer Cheese 120g
    Krakauer Cheese 120g
    Case 96

    An indulgent gourmet eat!
    Our Krakauer and cheese sausage is a juicy coarse-cut sausage using prime cuts of pork, filled with Emmental pieces, smoked over beechwood in a natural casing for extra bite. And it's King Size: 120g!