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Sauces & Toppings

Your source of great sauces
  1. Ketchup
    1 Litre Bottle

    Made with sun-ripened tomatoes, the perfect final touch to any hotdog.

  2. Mustard
    1 Litre Bottle

    The ultimate hotdog mustard.

  3. BBQ Sauce
    BBQ Sauce
    1 Litre Bottle

    Tangy BBQ sauce.

  4. Chilli Sauce
    Chilli Sauce
    1 Litre Bottle

    To give our hotdogs a little extra kick.

  5. Brown Sauce
    Brown Sauce
    1 Litre Bottle

    Great tasting brown sauce, perfect for our Wall's Breakfast Sausage.

  6. Crispy Onions
    Crispy Onions
    1 x 500g Bag

    Would you like onions with that?

    Add some crunch to our hotdogs with this classic and ever-popular topping.

  7. Cheese Sauce
    Cheese Sauce
    Case 4 x 4kg

    Nothing wrong with being cheesy!

    Delicious cheese sauce refill pouch (only for use in specified dispenser).

  8. Jalapenos
    Case 6 x 3kg

    Spice it up!

    Pre-sliced jalapeños, perfect for spicing up our hotdogs and nachos. 

  9. Chilli Con Carne
    Chilli Con Carne
    Case of 6 x 1.2kg

    It's Chilli time!

    Delicious chilli beef with red kidney beans in a rich tomato sauce. A great topping for nachos or hotdogs. (Or both!)

  10. Cheese Slice
    Cheese Slice
    Case of 240

    For the cheese lovers out there, our cheese slices will allow you to serve cheeseburgers and/or double cheeseburgers to your customers.