It’s Like a hotdog, but flatter
  1. Burger Wrap
    Burger Wrap
    Case 250
  2. Beef Burger
    Beef Burger
    Case 48

    Made with only British & Irish beef, this is our perfect flame-grilled quarter pounder.

  3. 5'' Break-Off Burger Bun
    5'' Break-Off Burger Bun
    Case 30

    An artisanal, hand finished burger bun. Arrives pre-sliced.

  4. 5'' Floured Burger Bap
    5'' Floured Burger Bap
    Case 48

    Fully baked French inspired floured bap. Arrives pre-sliced.

  5. Meat Free Burger Wrap
    Meat Free Burger Wrap
    Case 250

    Fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging for the Meat Free Burger. It's a combination of wrapping paper and cardboard tray. Ideal for retaining temperature in a warmer and perfect for eating on the go with this 'street food' feel to it.
    If you want to advertise this product as Vegan (strictly follow Vegan Operational Guidelines), you will need to buy Vegan stickers to use on top of the packaging.

  6. Meat Free Burger
    Meat Free Burger
    Case 60

    Made with pea protein, our Meat Free Burger will delight health conscious consumers with its taste and texture.
    Suitable for vegans.

  7. Burger Serving Tray
    Burger Serving Tray
    Case 250

    Recyclable card serving tray which is perfect for serving a freshly prepared Burger.

  8. Napkins
    Case 500

    Let's keep it clean. Rollover branded napkins to keep your customers looking fresh!