It’s Like a hotdog, but flatter
  1. Burger Wrap
    Burger Wrap
    Case 250
  2. Beef Burger
    Beef Burger
    Case 48

    Made with only British & Irish beef, this is our perfect flame-grilled quarter pounder.

  3. 5'' Break-Off Burger Bun
    5'' Break-Off Burger Bun
    Case 30

    An artisanal, hand finished burger bun. Arrives pre-sliced.

  4. 5'' Floured Burger Bap
    5'' Floured Burger Bap
    Case 48

    Fully baked French inspired floured bap. Arrives pre-sliced.

  5. Burger Serving Tray
    Burger Serving Tray
    Case 250

    Recyclable card serving tray which is perfect for serving a freshly prepared Burger.

  6. Napkins
    Case 500

    Let's keep it clean. Rollover branded napkins to keep your customers looking fresh!