Sauces & Toppings

Your source of great sauces
  1. Ketchup
    1 Litre Bottle

    Made with sun-ripened tomatoes, the perfect final touch to any hotdog.

  2. Mustard
    1 Litre Bottle

    The ultimate hotdog mustard.

  3. BBQ Sauce
    BBQ Sauce
    1 Litre Bottle

    Tangy BBQ sauce.

  4. Chilli  Sauce
    Chilli Sauce
    1 Litre Bottle

    To give our hotdogs a little extra kick.

  5. Brown  Sauce
    Brown Sauce
    1 Litre Bottle

    Great tasting brown sauce, perfect for our Wall's Breakfast Sausage.

  6. Garlic Mayonnaise Sauce
    Garlic Mayonnaise Sauce
    1 Litre Bottle

    For the garlic lovers. Vampires beware. 

  7. Cheese Sauce
    Cheese Sauce
    Case 4 x 4kg

    Nothing wrong with being cheesy!

    Delicious cheese sauce refill pouch (only for use in specified dispenser).

  8. Crispy Onions
    Crispy Onions
    1 x 500g Bag

    Would you like onions with that?

    Add some crunch to our hotdogs with this classic and ever-popular topping.

  9. Jalapenos
    Case 6 x 3kg

    Spice it up!

    Pre-sliced jalapeños, perfect for spicing up our hotdogs and nachos. 

  10. Chilli Con Carne
    Chilli Con Carne
    Case 6 x 1.2kg

    It's Chilli time!

    Delicious chilli beef with red kidney beans in a rich tomato sauce. A great topping for nachos or hotdogs. (Or both!)